Bend Housing Market: April 2017

April is typically an active month in the Bend Housing Market as spring arrives, temperatures climb, and snow dissipates. This April we had some uncharacteristically colder weather and gloomier days. We’ll show you how this effected the April 2017 Bend Housing Market:

Bend Housing Market April 2017

Bend Housing Market April 2017

Months of Inventory

April 2017 wrapped up with an average of 2.9 Months of Inventory for Bend Homes. That’s in well shy of the 4 month mark which indicates a market where both buyers and sellers are without an advantage. And it’s an increase from the March 2017 inventory numbers we experienced. The 2.9 number indicates a deficit in available Bend home inventory, a trend we’ve seen far more often than not over the past years. This indicates the Bend Housing Market in April 2017 favored the home seller. Browse Bend Homes >

Median Sale Price

The Median Sale Price for homes in Bend Oregon during the month of April 2017 is $390,000.

Number of Days on Market

This tells us how long Bend homes remain as Active listings before the move to Sold status. The national average is 80 days on market. In March 2017, Bend Homes averaged 169 Days on Market. In April, that number climbed slightly to 185 days (that’s a 9.5% increase from March to April). The higher than average number of days on market in Bend favors the buyer.

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