Bend Oregon Precipitation

Bend precipitation can be confounding at times, with unusual weather events occurring in unexpected seasons. The bottom line is to be prepared for sudden sprinkles, sudden winds, sudden snow and hail. It’s not unheard of to see snow or hail flying in June, we are a high desert city after all, and we do site right in the edge of the mountains. Always check the weather before you head out, and when in doubt bring layers.

Here’s what to expect for Bend Oregon Precipitation:

Bend Oregon Precipitation Graph

Bend Average Precipitation Graph

Bend Oregon Precipitation Chart

The following chart shows monthly average precipitation data for Bend Oregon. This data shows the averages since NOAA and the National Weather Service began collecting this information.

January 1.53″ precipitation
February 1.09″ precipitation
March 0.73″ precipitation
April 0.78″ precipitation
May 0.89″ precipitation
June 0.70″ precipitation
July 0.56″ precipitation
August 0.48″ precipitation
September 0.41″ precipitation
October 0.60″ precipitation
November 1.39″ precipitation
December 2.20″ precipitation

Source: National Weather Service