Bend Oregon Weather

Bend Oregon Weather is a widely discussed topic for locals and visitors, being that we are a high desert town right on the edge of considerable mountain peaks. And for most of us that’s what we love most about this place – desert landscape, gorgeous views, mountains nearby for skiing, mountain biking, and kayaking, fishing, and climbing. It should be noted our summers can be quite warm, and our winters can be quite cold often with a good amount of snow.

Here’s what to expect for Bend Oregon Weather:

Bend Oregon Weather Graph

Bend Oregon Average Temperatures

Bend Oregon Temperatures Chart

Month Avg Max (℉) Avg Min (℉) Avg Norm (℉)
January 41℉ 24℉ 33℉
February 44℉ 24℉ 34℉
March 51℉ 28℉ 39℉
April 57℉ 30℉ 44℉
May 65℉ 36℉ 51℉
June 72℉ 42℉ 57℉
July 82℉ 48℉ 65℉
August 81℉ 46℉ 64℉
September 74℉ 40℉ 57℉
October 62℉ 33℉ 47℉
November 48℉ 28℉ 38℉
December 39℉ 23℉ 31℉

Be Prepared for Bend Weather

The bottom line is to be prepared for swings in the daily temperature. Summer days are warm and dry, and the nights often drop by 40℉ to make for cool nights. Our winters are cool and dry with 20℉ swings in temperature from day to night. We dress in layers here, and we’re generally glad we did.

Source: National Weather Service