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We are a full service real estate agency based in Bend, Oregon. Our Principal Broker, Tiffany Clark, is a hands on champion for her clients.

Home Buyers

We understand finding and moving into a new home in Central Oregon is a big undertaking. We approach every home search with patience and good listening. And then we leverage our years of experience to start our search.

Market Knowledge

We measure and track the Bend Oregon real estate market with precision and focus. We know what sells and when, and we base our recommendations on knowledge of that market data.

Home Sellers

Our homes are our biggest investments. So when its time to sell your Central Oregon you need an agent who works hard on your behalf, and listens. We work FOR our clients to ensure our listing sell quickly and at market value.

My Story

I'm a principal real estate broker, with more than a decade of experience. I bring a wealth of knowledge and patience, I combine that with a strong work ethic, and the ability to have fun thru the whole experience. I represent my clients, both home buyers and home sellers, with tenacity and dedication. I am a member of the Fred Real Estate agency, Central Oregon's largest realtor.

What My Clients Say

A hard-working Bend Real Estate Agent who LOVES what she does.

Housing Market

Latest news

  • Days on Market: 10 Year Trend

    One of the metrics used to assess the overall hotness of the Bend real estate market is the number of days that homes remain on the market before selling. This is known as the Days on Marker metric, and its calculated as the elapsed number of days from the time a house is put up […]

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    Months of Inventory: 10 Year Trend

    As we all know, the Months of Inventory (MOI) for a given real estate market indicates the balance between supply and demand. Higher months of inventory indicate a greater supply than there is a demand. A balanced market will see between 3 and 6 months of inventory for family homes. Bend Real Estate – Months […]

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  • Median Home Prices Reach Record High

    2017 marked a major milestone in Bend (Oregon) real estate when the median price of single family dwelling homes reached $394,170. That mark places Bend’s median home price 22.4% above the national average. Visit our 10 YEAR TREND FOR MEDIAN SALES PRICE for the details.

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    Median Sales Price: 10 Year Trend

    The team at All Bend Real Estate has compiled the data showing the 10 Year Trend for Median Sales Prices of single family homes in Bend (Oregon), and it’s time to share it. We’ve seen quite a bit of fluctuation over the past years (2007 through 2017), and the graph shows how the median sale […]

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  • Northwest Crossing Neighborhood

    Northwest Crossing, also known to locals as NWX, is a family friendly neighborhood in Bend, Oregon.  It’s walking distance to parks and schools, shops and restaurants, and farmers markets. This NW Bend neighborhood has been architected around, Compass Park, a central park with play equipment, movies nights, large grass fields and more. Homes in this […]

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    Bend Oregon is 6th Fastest Growing City in U.S.

    U.S. cities as a whole are experiencing solid growth. According the most recent U.S. census Bureau data, Bend Oregon ranks as the 6th fastest growing cities in the U.S. for the 2016 year. Here’s a breakdown of the top 15 fastest growing cities, and their position in the growth charts: Conroe City, Texas (includes Houston, […]

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  • Bend Housing Market: May 2017

    The Month of May in Bend is when people start to get especially active and the tourists begin to flock here in search of sunshine. That makes for an active month in the Bend Housing Market. In May 2017 our weather was not cooperative, with more cold and wet days than we typically have. Let’s […]

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    Bend Housing Market: April 2017

    April is typically an active month in the Bend Housing Market as spring arrives, temperatures climb, and snow dissipates. This April we had some uncharacteristically colder weather and gloomier days. We’ll show you how this effected the April 2017 Bend Housing Market: Months of Inventory April 2017 wrapped up with an average of 2.9 Months […]

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  • Bend Housing Market: March 2017

    March 2017 followed a similar recent trend for the Bend Housing Market. Join us as we walk thru the highlights: Months of Inventory March 2017 wrapped up with an average of 2.4 Months of Inventory for Bend Homes. That’s in well shy of the 4 month mark which indicates a market where both buyers and […]

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    Elevation of Bend Oregon

    Elevation of Bend Oregon Bend (Oregon) is high desert town location in Central Oregon, southeast of Portland (OR). The city has a total area of 33.27 miles ,and that number will continue to increase as the cities Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) is expanded. Elevation Details Bend is located at 3,623 feet feet above sea level, […]

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